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Sit for Autism: Strategies for Babysitting for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Do you currently babysit or are interested in babysitting for children with autism? Are you taking a class on child development? Then this presentation is for you!
This presentation is designed to target high school students providing babysitting services or who are interested in babysitting for children with autism. Strategies will be shared to support social, communication and behavior needs of children with autism.
Social Thinking - Non-verbal Communication
Speech-Language Pathologist Barbara Cook will provide students with an overview and examples of how we use non-verbal communication to think socially. Students will engage in simulation activities to experience the impact of sensory related challenges that can interfere with being able to use and under non-verbal communication. Students will gain a deeper understanding of their own social interaction styles and ways to improve their interactions with each other and others.
So, What is Autism All About?
Dr. Meghan Brahm and Dr. Kari Sassu will introduce Autism Spectrum Disorder and how its related characteristics may impact individuals in the school setting. Students will then engage with experiential activities which simulate some of the common challenges’ individuals with ASD may face in schools and will discuss how education and behavioral psychology strategies help those students. Presentation will end with a discussion as to how the students can better include their peers with ASD in the school community.

NOTE: Teacher must be present in class during visiting scholar presentation. Presentations are subject to scholar availability. Any specific needs (media projectors, open tables, sink, etc.) for presentations must be available in the classroom. Specific needs will be provided to teachers prior to scheduling. Redundant presentation in a morning or afternoon are possible if there is an interest from the school and faculty time is available.

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