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Title of Presentation(s) Grade Range
What is Special in Special Education? Think About Your Future Career Goals in Special Education
In order to prepare for college and career readiness, it is critical for high school students to consider their future career goals. For those who might be interested in teaching K-12, Dr. Yan Wei will introduce what the special education is about and how to be a special education teacher by presenting different undergraduate programs in special education at SCSU, and engaging students with videos, classroom discussions, and hands-on activities.
The Cost of Freedom: College Finance Game
Dr. Olcay Yavuz will use game-based learning (GBL) to support students as they prepare financially for college. This hands on learning experience will focus on exploring the grant and financial aid opportunities including Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). Dr. Yavuz will also highlight helpful materials and resources that provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on college budgeting, and applying for scholarships.
Getting Ready and Getting in Your Dream College
Dr. Olcay Yavuz to will use Technology enhanced learning (TEL) to help students gain insights on getting ready and being successful in college. During this interactive workshop, students will discover effective strategies that prepare them for college and careers. Students will also review a comprehensive list of college readiness skills, and they will learn about selecting the best college fit for their unique personality and goals.
Evidence-Based Career Counseling
Dr. Olcay Yavuz will use evidence based counseling strategies to help students explore their unique career interests, personalities, values, and skills. This hands-on learning experience will help students to know and understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.
If I Went to School in Another Country
Educator Angela López-Velásquez will expose students to learning a school-related topic in a language other than English. Students will experience how a teacher can make learning more effective and will appreciate the challenge that their English-learner peers experience as they learn English in school. GRADE RANGE: 6-12

NOTE: Teacher must be present in class during visiting scholar presentation. Presentations are subject to scholar availability. Any specific needs (media projectors, open tables, sink, etc.) for presentations must be available in the classroom. Specific needs will be provided to teachers prior to scheduling. Redundant presentation in a morning or afternoon are possible if there is an interest from the school and faculty time is available.

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