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Title of Presentation(s) Grade Range
From Gregorian Chant to Lady GaGa Students spend a significant portion of every waking hour engaged with music. Music historian Walter Stutzman will give students the opportunity to hear the evolution of Western music (both classical and popular) while exploring such questions as "What is music?" and "Why can't I get that tune out of my head?" 9-12
Preparing for the Tour or Festival: A Masterclass for the Large Instrumental Ensemble
Is your band or orchestra preparing for a festival or international tour? Conductor Craig Hlavac can help to prepare your ensemble! Students will have the opportunity to perform under the baton of Dr. Hlavac, who will provide comments and suggestions to the ensemble in a clinic-style format. This type of feedback can drastically improve the likelihood of a successful festival performance.
Careers in Music: What Do Professional Musicians Do?
Considering music as a career? Professional musician, educator, and conductor Craig Hlavac will discuss the many job opportunities available to students who complete a degree in music. Music education, music therapy, music business, music performance, and many non-traditional career paths will be discussed. Students will leave with a better understanding of what it takes to work in the competitive music industry.

NOTE: Teacher must be present in class during visiting scholar presentation. Presentations are subject to scholar availability. Any specific needs (media projectors, open tables, sink, etc.) for presentations must be available in the classroom. Specific needs will be provided to teachers prior to scheduling. Redundant presentation in a morning or afternoon are possible if there is an interest from the school and faculty time is available.

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