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How Do We Know What Animals Want?
Comics and human-animal relations. English Secondary Education Professor Andrew Smyth will explore how comic authors depict animals’ thoughts, desires, and relations with humans. The comics genre allows for complex representation of animal consciousness in ways that bridge the language divide between humans and other animals. We will consider how selected comics cause us to question this and other divisions and make us think differently about the many animals who share our habitat.
Grammar Games 1: Punctuating Clauses + BINGO
Shelley Stoehr-McCarthy is an author and writing instructor (composition and fiction), who has developed several writing class games, including Grammar BINGO. In this lesson, students will review or learn how to punctuate four types of clauses: independent, dependent, essential (aka restrictive), and non-essential (aka non-restrictive). In the process, they will also learn about simple, compound, and complex sentence structures. Following this 20-minute lesson, students will play BINGO, first identifying the clauses and sentences above, then marking their BINGO board with the correct descriptor. Students' knowledge of clauses will be reinforced when they explain their responses. Other grammar games Stoehr-McCarthy can teach upon request, in place of Grammar BINGO: Grammar Go Fish (reviewing/learning 12 common mechanical errors and how to revise them), Sentence Relay Race (building a sentence, using clauses and modifiers).
Linguistic Landscape in Chinese Game-Based Pedagogy. 8-12

NOTE: Teacher must be present in class during visiting scholar presentation. Presentations are subject to scholar availability. Any specific needs (media projectors, open tables, sink, etc.) for presentations must be available in the classroom. Specific needs will be provided to teachers prior to scheduling. Redundant presentation in a morning or afternoon are possible if there is an interest from the school and faculty time is available.

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