School of Metal

* School of Metal is not a real program and is part of April Fools 2021.

What's real are our broad and expansive array of courses, designed to meet the needs of the entire student body, ranging from those who wish to pursue a career in music to those who study music solely for its intrinsic, aesthetic value. We strive to promote the overall academic and civic roles of our students through the study, composition, and performance of music.

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Music Programs at Southern

Music, B.A.

The music major program leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in music. It prepares students for careers in the music industry, music education, music performance, and for graduate studies.  All students take courses in Music Theory, Music History, Musicianship, Improvisation, Applied Lessons, and Ensembles.  Students also have the opportunity to select from two specializations to complete their coursework:  Music Traditions or Music Technology and Composition.

Program Requirements
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Minor in Music

The music minor is designed to provide students with a general background in music theory and literature and with intermediate skills in some performance areas. Students pursuing a minor in music must participate in a performing group for three semesters.

Program Requirements

Music Ensembles

University Choir

Music of all periods and styles is studied and performed by this group of mixed voices. The choir represents the university in concerts and at festivals. Membership is by audition.

University Band

Concert performances of high quality music ranging from show tunes to symphonic repertoire.

Chamber Singers

A small ensemble of mixed voices that performs repertoire of various musical and cultural styles, including acappella music. Membership is by audition.

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is a small ensemble that performs classical and contemporary works for mixed percussion.

String Ensemble

String Ensemble is a small, chamber ensemble open to selected string instrumentalists upon successful audition.

Jazz Standards Ensemble

The Jazz Standards Ensemble is a small group of highly-skilled students dedicated to preparing and performing standards of the jazz combo repertory. Open to all students upon successful audition.

Latin Jazz Ensemble

The Latin Jazz Ensemble is a group of instrumentalists dedicated to the interpretation and performance of Latin music. Open to all students upon successful audition.

Blues Ensemble

The Blues Ensemble is a dynamic, high-energy ensemble that prepares traditional and contemporary blues charts. Open to all students upon successful audition.


The Drumline is a collaboration between the Music Department, SCSU Athletic Department, and New Haven Public Schools. The group performs at selected SCSU home football games, primarily during halftime.

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